Texas Instruments (TXN) Stock Analysis: Wait for a Better Price

Charts below for revenue and profit margin of Texas Instruments demonstrate that the Company did not perform well over the past couple quarters: 

Revenue YoY-9%6%12%
Gross profit margin YoY-11%7%17%

Revenue growth QoQ-11%3%2%-3%
Gross profit margin QoQ-3%1%2%-3%
Net income1,070,0001,425,0001,305,0001,217,000

Due to the lack of growth, when it comes to price analysis for Texas Instruments, there should be few or no premiums based on its prior operation and price performance.

Trailing twelve months EPS = $1.12+1.49+1.36+1.26=$5.23

PE range within prior 1 year: 18.94~25.67

Reasonable Stock Price Before Next Earning Release based on P/E during the past one year: $99.06 ~ $134.25

Current price for TXN is around $132, so if you are interested in buying this stock, it’d better wait for a better price.